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Dundalk mortgage switchers stand to save over €68 Million

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dundalk mortgage switchers

New information available from the property price register shows that Dundalk mortgage holders could save over €68 million euros by switching their mortgages to lower rates.

With the gap between existing and new business rates wider than ever, there are record savings for Dundalk mortgage switchers.

Mortgage switcher rate savings

To compare different mortgage rates you are better off using the Annual Percentage Rate Change (APRC) rather than the headline rates according to the Consumer Protection Commission. The APRC includes hidden fees and the full cost of the mortgage, so gives a much better picture of real savings.

The average APRC for those who bought after 2008 is 4.2%, according to the Central Bank of Ireland [1], but new business APRC rates are now as low as 2.29%, according to the money guide moneysherpa.ie , that’s 1.91% lower.

This means Dundalk mortgage holders can almost half their rate by switching.

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One thing to watch out for though, before 2008 Dundalk mortgage holders are likely to be on a tracker mortgage. These mortgages have an APRC of around 1%, so it is unlikely you will save if you bought before then.

How many Dundalk mortgage switchers will save?

According to the property price register [2] just under four hundred houses are sold in Dundalk every year. Since 2008 almost 5,500 homes have been sold in and around Dundalk.

Just over of a third of houses sold are in new developments built since 2008, these include:

  • Rathmount
  • Earlsfort
  • Marlmount
  • Mount Hamiliton
  • Lis na dara
  • Saltown
  • Castleross

On average, according to the Central Bank, half of those sales are funded with a mortgage, this means there are around 2,500 Dundalk mortgage holders stand to save by switching.

How much is the average saving for mortgages in Dundalk?

According to the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) [3], switchers have an average mortgage of €242,000 and 15 years of payments left.

Based on currently available new business rates, Dundalk mortgage holders would save over €25,000 each and €62.5m in total if they switched right away.

How do Dundalk mortgage holders switch?

Daragh Head Shot

The good news is switching isn’t complicated and is usually free according to Daire McConnon of moneysherpa.ie.

“The banks are very keen for new business at the moment, so most cover any costs involved. The process is also much simpler than getting a new mortgage as you already have a home loan. “

“If you get a local broker or switching service to help you, they will handle all the paperwork for you and they are paid for by the lenders so are free to use .”

In a nutshell – Dundalk mortgage switcher savings

The fall in new business mortgage rates has made it attractive for the people to switch their mortgage.

There are over 2,500 Dundalk mortgage holders who bought after 2008 will make big savings by switching.

Switching isn’t complicated and a local broker can help you switch by handling the paperwork for you.

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