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Buying Budget Calculator

Buying Budget Calculator

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How much mortgage can i get Ireland

Want to know how much mortgage you can get Ireland? Our mortgage calculator will crunch the numbers to work out how much mortgage you are likely to get. Read on to get the full lowdown on how much mortgage you will get and why.

Central Bank limits – How much mortgage can I get Ireland? 

Exceptions – How much mortgage can I get Ireland? 

Credit policy – How much mortgage can I get Ireland? 

Mortgage calculators – How much mortgage can I get Ireland?

Central Bank limits – How much mortgage can I get Ireland? 

All borrowing must be within the Central Bank guidelines, all lenders have to conform to these [1]. If the Central Bank computer says no, then you probably need to do some more work getting mortgage ready before applying for a mortgage.

The first hurdle is the deposit to loan ratio, only 80% of the purchase price can be funded through borrowing. If you are a first time buyer the good news is that the amount you can borrow is increased to 90% to help get you on the property ladder. 

The second hurdle is the loan to income ratio, your borrowing can be no more than 3.5 times your joint income per year. So if your household earns €100,000 a year, your maximum mortgage borrowing would be €350,000. 

Don’t despair though if these limits put your dream home out of reach. The Central Bank also allows lenders a quota of borrowing exceptions outside the rules above, read on to find out more.

Exceptions – How much mortgage can I get Ireland? 

As the lenders only have a limited amount of exceptions, they want to parcel them out to the ‘best’ customers. If you are a lender this means customers with higher disposable income, as that generally means larger mortgages that have very high odds of being paid back. 

To get an exception then the secret is to maximise the gap between your income after tax and your financial commitments. We give you the inside track as to how the banks measure this below.

Watch out though, borrowing exceptions are a double edged sword. As well as stretching your finances to the limit. They often run out early in the year and can be withdrawn leaving your home purchase stranded. 

Our mortgage borrowing calculator will let you know what you are likely to get before and after exceptions.

Credit policy – How much mortgage can I get Ireland?

Above and beyond the central bank limits, each lender has their own credit policy, which they use to approve both borrowing exceptions and mortgage applications. 

These policies though boil down to the same thing. How likely are you to pay back the amount you have borrowed?

The way the lenders assess this is to look at how much cash you have over after you have made your mortgage repayment. This gives them an idea of how much wriggle room you have if interest rates rise or your financial circumstances change.

In general only regular income after tax is counted, although some lenders factor in bonuses and overtime etc.. at a discount.

The secret though is cutting back your committed outgoings. These are loans, childcare or if you are divorced or separated your monthly maintenance.

Also the more family members you have the higher the level of disposable income you will need.

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