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Switching mortgage is the single biggest thing most people can do to get their finances in better shape

Most switchers save over €25,000 by switching to a lower interest rate

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Frustrated by the lack of good personal finance guidance in Ireland?

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Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
Louise Winters - Mover
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Very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly & efficient staff. Would highly recommend!
Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
David O'Hanlon
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Angie was amazing! Looked after us so well. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking a mortgage.

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Switching mortgage Ireland 2022? How to guarantee great savings.

Switching mortgage Ireland 2022. Switching will save €25,000 for 1 in 5 Irish mortgage holders, more than any of their European neighbours. Yet despite new regulation and new platforms making switching easy, mortgage switching in Ireland is still half of what it should be.
Daire McConnon - mortgage sherpa lead

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