About us

moneysherpa was created by Irish financial and media professionals frustrated at the lack of good quality personal finance guidance available for the Irish consumer.

Welcome! My name is Mark Coan and I’ve spent almost twenty years in the Irish finance and media industry.

When it came to planning my own finances however, I was surprised at how hard it was to get good quality information about the personal finance products available in the Irish market.

This prompted me to delve a little deeper into the world of personal finance. 



That’s when I realised the significant impact the differences in charges, fees and features have on your financial outcomes.

In Ireland almost all the information available about these products is from the providers themselves, advisors incentivised to push particular services or has to be paid for.

During my research it became crystal clear I was not alone in needing free, straightforward, unbiased and comprehensive personal finance information.

In fact according to a Central Bank of Ireland report 61% of Irish consumers believe that the personal finance advice they receive is based on the incentives the advisor receives, not their best interests.

As a qualified finance professional and business veteran who recently led one of Ireland’s largest consumer banking operations, we’ve created a team to provide the straightforward, independent and comprehensive personal finance guidance Ireland needs.

All the content we will publish on this site has been written or overseen by a qualified financial advisor in the relevant field.

Our independent product reviews, guides and tools cover all the main providers in the Irish market. We do not carry advertising, companies can’t pay to feature on our service or rank higher in our comparison tables. We may receive a commission from a provider when you select one of our recommendations, but this simply allows us to provide the service for free and doesn’t change our content in any way.

In founding moneysherpa, I’ve put together all the guidance I couldn’t find when I was planning my own finances. I hope this service will help Irish consumers make smarter money choices and get on the right path to reaching the summit of their own financial Everest.

Mark Coan (CBD, LIB)

Our team

At moneysherpa we’ve created a crack team of financial experts to help you climb to your financial goals. Whether that’s retiring to a yacht in the Bahamas or saving for a weekend away in Bundoran we’re who you should turn to first. 

Dr. Joe Connolly (PhD) – CTO

Joe is the architect of our tech stack which powers our customer tools. He is also the co-founder of Bizgraph a leading business planning software firm. With over twenty years as chief data scientist and software architect for leading multi-nationals, Joe makes sure our tech works hard for our customers

Angie O’Hara (QFA) – Sherpa lead

mortgage broker corkAngie is a fully qualified mortgage advisor and leads our mortgage team finding the best lenders for moneysherpa’s customers. She previously held senior mortgage advisory roles with PTSB and KBC. Angie consults for moneysherpa on all things mortgages. 


Daire McConnon (QFA) – Mortgage Sherpa

Daire is a fully qualified mortgage advisor. He previously held mortgage advisory roles with PTSB and Which Mortgages. 

He is a key member of the moneysherpa working with our customers to help them get the best result every day. 


Martina Baldwin  – Lender Sherpa

Martina has worked in customer facing roles for almost a decade. She is dedicated to delivering for our customers, having previously worked for both eBay and major retail banks.

She shepards all our customer documentation making sure we do right by our customers and readers. 


Brendan Nordon (FSIA) – Contributor

Brendan is both a qualified Actuary and a Revenue Approved Pensioner Trustee. He has over 20 years experience advising on individual and group arrangements and is head of retirement planning at one of Ireland’s leading advisory firms, having previously worked for both Towers Watson and Mercer in the UK and Ireland respectively. He writes and consults for moneysherpa on all things pension and more.

Ciaran Carolan (CFA) – Contributor

Ciaran is a Chartered Financial Analyst and currently works a Senior Investment Analyst with the DFP Group. He has a proven history in the investments industry, having previously worked for some of the leading Irish investment firms, including BNY Mellon and First Derivatives. He writes and consults for moneysherpa on all things investing.

What to do now?

If you’re here it means you are looking for the information or support in your personal finance journey.

The good news is, we have you covered, so you can either:

We hope you find our tools, guides and top picks super useful. We worked hard to pull it all together, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!

You can also check out out disclaimer and privacy policy.

The moneysherpa team


This Project was supported by the Local Enterprise Office Louth through co-funding from the Irish Government and the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020.

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Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
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Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
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Angie was amazing! Looked after us so well. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking a mortgage.
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