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Check out the impact of potential ECB rate increases for your mortgage.

Interest Rate Rise Repayment Calculator

Estimated Monthly Repayment Increase

based on predicted ECB rate increases


How the interest repayment calculator works

We use three scenarios for interest rate rises based on industry predictions.

ECB increases are implemented over time, most forecasts anticipate a period of 12-18 months of increases ahead.

Our projections take the end point of these predicted increases, to help people plan ahead.

Actual increases will vary slightly depending on your current mortgage interest rate.

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Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
Louise Winters - Mover
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Very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly & efficient staff. Would highly recommend!
Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
David O'Hanlon
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Angie was amazing! Looked after us so well. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking a mortgage.
Daire - Mortgage Sherpa
Daire - Mortgage Sherpa
Sandra Chubb - Switcher
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They were really friendly, gave me independent advice and helped me pull together the paperwork. Most people don't realise they are in a position to save so much by switching
Petrina - Customer Sherpa
Petrina - Customer Sherpa
Eamonn Dunne - Switcher
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Easy to use web app instead of email really helped. Would definitely recommend moneysherpa for your mortgage.
Martina - Document Sherpa
Martina - Document Sherpa
Gladys Cerbolles - Switcher
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Martina is very helpful all throughout the mortgage process.

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“Excellent communication from Petrina, prompt responses to all my queries and good advice. Great service, thank-you.”
Sorcha Coleman
“The Money Sherpa interface for uploading and approving documents is really straightforward and intuitive. The whole process was timely, clear, and Daire was great with advice and knowledge. No complaints at all - 5 star rating!”
Fiona Nulty