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Mortgage Interest Rate Calculator Ireland

B1-Tracker Calculator
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mortgage interest rate calculator ireland

How the Mortgage Interest Rate Calculator works

Our mortgage interest rate calculator helps you calculate how ECB interest rate changes will change your monthly mortgage repayments. If you are on a tracker mortgage the ECB interest rate will directly alter your monthly repayments, if you are on a variable rate you can still use the calculator to calculate variable rate changes, but rates won’t translate directly.

We use three scenarios for mortgage interest rate rises based on industry predictions of the likely direction of the ECB refinance rate which is what drives mortgage interest rates.

ECB interest rate increases are implemented over time, most forecasts anticipate a period of 12-18 months of increases ahead.

Our calculations take the end point of these predicted interest rate increases, to help households plan ahead.

Actual increases will vary slightly depending on your current mortgage interest rate.

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