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Financial advisors and mortgage brokers Ireland. If you are thinking about choosing a financial advisor or mortgage broker, you’ve come to the right place. We can direct your to the best financial and mortgage advice in your area.

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If you are looking for advice on financial planning, retirement, investment, tax or purchasing a home it is often smart to talk to a financial advisor or mortgage broker who can help.

Mortgage advice

Our team of mortgage sherpas will help you navigate your mortgage journey. Because we know mortgages inside out we can help you get the best deal from the lenders.

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Whether that’s maximising your loan to buy your forever home or switching you to the lowest rates to reduce your repayments.

Our mortgage sherpas are experienced and fully qualified mortgage advisors, who have worked for all the major lenders so know the landscape inside out.

Best of all they are free to use. Our sherpas do all the hard work for the lenders, so they pay us direct when you receive your loan.

We work with all the major lenders, so can give you independent advice and you get exactly the same rate from lenders as you would if you went direct. Win Win.

Plus, our sherpa’s will handle the mortgage application for you using our online mortgage portal, taking the pain out of the paperwork.

To get started on your journey, click here for more about our sherpas, or hit the button below to get your sherpa now and book a free mortgage call.

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Although there is no one size fits all solution, by presenting the facts and being transparent about the differences between providers we hope to make getting a great financial advisor in Ireland a whole lot simpler.

Whether you have an advisor or not, we have lots of other great information that will help you make smarter money choices.

Best Financial Advisors

We review financial advisors on competence, comprehensiveness, independence and price. 

moneysherpa recommended advisors stand out from the crowd.

  • 6%+ Funds Growth Per Year
  • Strong Selection of Leading Funds
  • Qualified & Experienced Teams

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