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Switching mortgage is the single biggest thing most people can do to get their finances in better shape

Most switchers save over €25,000 by switching to a lower interest rate

Our mortgage sherpa team are here to guide you through the switching journey 

They will help you borrow, find you the best deal and make the paperwork painless

Our sherpas are free, they are paid directly by the lenders

We work with the leading mortgage lenders

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Frustrated by the lack of good personal finance guidance in Ireland?

No worries, our independent product reviews, guides and tools cover all the main mortgage, pension and investment providers in the Irish market.

At moneysherpa we’ve created a crack team of Irish financial experts to help you climb to your money goals

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Why I founded moneysherpa

After 20 years creating B2C products and services for big corporates, I’ve launched a start up, moneysherpa. Empowering people to take control of their money. Here’s why.
shares to invest in now for Irish Investors

Tesla, shares to invest in now for Irish investors

Is Tesla a good share to invest in now? Amidst the madness of the past year, has been the novelty increase in the “Teslanaires” army size, the term given to Tesla investors who bought shares early on and are now millionaires as a result. The company’s share price increased by over 700% during 2020 and this theme has continued into 2021.