Our Mortgage Document Checklist

Our online application tool will tip you off as to exactly what docs you need to upload for your particular application. The lenders need these documents to

  1. Confirm who you say you are
  2. Confirm you can repay what you say you can repay

If you are super organised and want to check these out in advance this handy mortgage document checklist will help!

A. Identity Documents – Mortgage Document Checklist

1. Original passport, driver’s licence or EU National Identity Card (EU country)

2. Utility bill dated in the past 6 months (alternatively, an original statement from a financial institution, or a letter from a government department may suffice, dated in the last 6 months)

B. PAYE – Employment and Income – Mortgage Document Checklist

3. Attached salary certificate completed and stamped by employer

4. P60 for past calendar year

5. Last 3 months payslips

C. Self Employed – Employment and Income – Mortgage Document Checklist

6. 3 most recent Tax Returns (P21 or Notice of Assessment / Chapter 4 Revenue Certificate with fully completed Form 11)

7. Tax clearance certificate (business and personal)

8. Last 3 years trading accounts, Financial / Audited accounts for 3 most recent financial years signed by your Accountant.

D. Financial Statements – Mortgage Document Checklist

9. Last 6 months bank account statements (Please include all accounts — current, joint, savings. business etc.), up to date i.e. within the last 4 weeks.

10. Historical savings account statements (or other evidence in writing) showing the build-up and sources of funds being used for the deposit on the property

11. Last 6 months credit card statements

12. 12 month statements on any short term loans i.e. car loan, Credit Union loan etc.

13. Mortgage statement(s)

E. Other – Mortgage Document Checklist

14. Separation Agreement, Decree of Judicial Separation, Decree of Divorce, Deed of Waiver and / or any other relevant Court Order.

15. Detailed estimates for any renovations (if applicable).

F. Forms to Complete, Sign and Return – Mortgage Document Checklist

16. Mortgage application form

17. Declaration and consent form for each lender being approached for best terms

These declarations will support us making the best recommendation for you and making sure you have understood each step.

The details on these will be based on the information you will provide in the supporting documentation requested.

Your signed declaration is confirming this information to be correct. Should your circumstance change either prior to or after the mortgage fact-find and lender application form being generated you need to advise us of any change.

Our online application process is here or you can book a mortgage check up here.

If you already have an application in process you can log onto your account here.

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Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
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Angie - Mortgage Sherpa
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Daire - Mortgage Sherpa
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Petrina - Customer Sherpa
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Martina - Document Sherpa
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