How Long Does Mortgage Approval Take & How Do I Get Pre-Approval Now – Ireland 2022

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How long does mortgage approval take ireland

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial decision you will ever make and one of life’s most stressful times. So you are probably super keen to know how long does mortgage approval take and can you get pre-approval or approval in principle like yesterday.

Knowing how mortgage approval and pre-approval works in Ireland can help you secure your dream home and reduce your stress levels.

That’s because how you apply makes a big difference to how much you can borrow and how long the whole process will take.

With our Ultimate Guide to how to mortgage approval Ireland 2022, you could borrow up to 4.5 times your joint income and get the whole thing done and dusted in less than 3 months.

Here’s our top 3 how to get mortgage approval Ireland 2022 tips

  • Maximise your savings in the 6 months before you apply to maximise what you can borrow
  • Understand how best to navigate the mortgage approval process to minimise delay
  • Use a broker with a wide selection of lenders to maximise your mortgage approval odds

Use our tool to get Pre-Approved now below.

If you want to find out more before diving in read on to see understand how you can get mortgage approval and maximise how much you could borrow while minimising the hassle factor.

  1. Work Out How Much You Can Borrow – How long does mortgage approval take Ireland 2022
  2. Maximise My Approval Chances – How long does mortgage approval take Ireland 2022
  3. Get Some Help – How long does mortgage approval take Ireland 2022
  4. What Happens Next – How long does mortgage approval take Ireland 2022

Work Out How Much You Can Borrow – How long does mortgage approval take Ireland 2022

The first step is to work out how much mortgage you can get, you might not need to borrow up to your limit, but it will help you to understand your maximum budget in case you find yourself in a bidding war for your new gaff.

To help avoid a credit bubble like the one that went pop back in 2008 the Central Bank sets some absolute maximum limits that no lender can go beyond.

If you are buying your home to live in, the limit is the lower of either

  • Income – 4.5 times your joint gross income per year
  • Deposit – 10 times your deposit

Wait a minute before you rush off and bid on that dream home, the Central Bank only allows 20% of all borrowers in any year borrow up to these limits.

The lenders are therefore very picky about who gets these ‘exceptions’ only putting forward people with squeaky clean credit histories and very high levels of disposable income.

If you fall outside the top 20% of applications then the limits are

  • Income – 3.5 times your joint gross income per year
  • Deposit – 10 times your deposit for first time buyers and 5 time for others

As part of the application process the lenders will also run the rule over your ability to repay the loan. Based on this they may lend you less than the limits above or indeed nothing at all.

For most people the 3.5 times salary limit is the one that applies and gives the best idea of your budget. However if you need an exception to make up the numbers or want to maximise your odds of approval you can use our instant Approval In Principle (AIP) tool below.

Our tool runs the numbers based on your income and expenditure and instantly spits out your odds of mortgage approval across the lenders. Even better we will then automatically email you with a provisional Approval In Principle that you can use to view property and start your house hunting!

Maximise My Approval Chances – How long does mortgage approval take Ireland 2022

Even if you have enough disposable income for mortgage approval on paper based on our provisional AIP calculator we then have to back this up with evidence.

Lenders try to work out, based on information on your application for what’s know as a full Approval In Principle, the likelihood of you not paying back the mortgage in full. If a loan goes south that’s a big hole in their profits, so the more risk they think you are the less they will lend.

This means you can maximise the mortgage you can get by knowing what they are looking for and getting your finances in shape in advance of mortgage approval.

This is why the question how long does mortgage approval take can have a different answer depending on your circumstances. A switcher can be done in 6 weeks as they have solid proof they can make the repayments, while someone who doesn’t have evidence of spare cash left over might have to wait up to 6 months before even applying.

The 6 months before the application is critical as lenders will look at your bank statements in this period to assess your ability to repay the loan as part of the application.

So what are the key things you can do to maximise your approval chances?

  1. Maximise your Income – Many lenders include 50% of overtime, bonuses and commission, so maximising these can be a big help.
  2. Clear your outstanding loans – These eat into your ability to repay and are usually higher interest than your mortgage will be.
  3. Secure your employment – Make sure you have finished any probation period or have a long term contract.
  4. Don’t splurge – Minimise your outgoings, so you show consistent evidence of saving some money at the end of every month.
  5. Delete your Paddy Power app – Any major spend on online gambling is a big no no and don’t try to be smart by moving it to your Revolut account the lenders are wise to that and will ask for statements.

Keep your nose clean for 6 months and you will demonstrate to the lenders you can be trusted and will maximise your mortgage potential.

Get Some Help – How long does mortgage approval take Ireland 2022

So you have 6 months of sparkling clean bank statements and you are sick of living on your mates couch, what do you do next?

You have two choices to kick start the application process.

  1. Apply to one of the lenders directly
  2. Apply to a lender through a broker

Which lender you apply to can make a huge difference to your approval chances and what you will pay over the course of the mortgage. That’s why we recommend using a broker for your application.

A broker can look at your situation and match you with the best lender to maximise your approval chances and minimise your repayments. Brokers are often free to use and are impartial as they get paid the same commission 1% of the mortgage value by all the lenders.

Not all brokers are created equal though. Check out if your broker has:

  • Access to the best lenders for rate Avant Money, ICS, Haven and Finance Ireland
  • No fees or low fees for your type of application
  • An online application process to make the paperwork easier
  • A best rate guarantee

What Happens Next – How long does mortgage approval take Ireland 2022

Once you have chosen your broker you can get the application underway.

Mortgage Customer Journey Final

1. Apply Online

First up you will need to confirm your personal and financial details to get your instant Approval In Principle. You can jump right in below to start the process now.

Once you have your provisional approval you can upload supporting documents like your bank statements and proof of identity onto the brokers application platform.

These documents are needed to help prove you can repay the mortgage and also prove you are who you say you are.

2. Choose Mortgage & Lender

Your broker then reviews your details plus documents and recommends the best lender and mortgage product. As each lenders approval policy is different they will match you with the best one for you.

For example, ICS lend more to public servants and is good for short term fixed rates. Avant Money on the other hand don’t do exceptions above the 3.5 salary, but have the best long term fixed rates.

They will also run you through the other options and why they think they aren’t a fit for you at this point.

3. Get Full Approval In Principle (AIP)

Your broker will then use the documents and details you submitted to apply for approval with the rate and lender you picked. It can take 3 days to 3 weeks to get approval depending on the lender you choose (your broker will fill you in on this).

You can now go bid on a property knowing you have an approval in your back pocket!

4. Get Final Loan Offer

Once your offer has been accepted your broker will have it valued by an independent estate agent. This is so the lender can have confidence that the asset that they are securing the lending on (your new house), is worth what you say it is.

Once the lender has all the details on the property from the broker they issue the final offer, which includes any conditions before you can access or ‘drawdown’ the loan. These are usually things like you must have a life protection policy and home insurance in place, which your broker will help you arrange.

5. Complete House Purchase

Ta Da! The moment you have been waiting for, once the conditions are met the loan is released and you get the keys to your new home!

In a Nutshell – How long does mortgage approval take Ireland 2022

How you apply for a mortgage makes a big difference to how much you can lend, how long it takes and your approval chances.

The first thing to do is to work out how much you can borrow and get your provisional AIP, we have a handy mortgage calculator for that here.

Then you need to make sure all your documentation lines up and if needed clean house on your finances for the 6 months before you apply.

You should then engage with a broker who can guide you to the best lender and help take the pain out of the paperwork. You can check out moneysherpa’s own in house broker teams the mortgage sherpas here.

Finally, make sure you know the process and where you are in it, so you can reduce your stress and maximise your chances of getting your dream home.

We have loads more on help to buy grants, the best rates and mortgage provider reviews here.

If you want to have a chat and talk it through you can click for a mortgage check up with one of our sherpas here.

Avant Logo
  • Rates from 2.02% APRC
  • Fixed for 3-30 Years
  • Tighter approval policy
ICS Logo
  • Rates from 2.78% APRC
  • Fixed for 3-5 Years
  • Flexible approval policy
Finance Ireland Logo
  • Rates from 2.53% APRC
  • Fixed for 3-25 Years
  • Flexible approval policy

You can get more detail on the documents required from the CCPC [1].

Best Mortgage Brokers, 5 Insider Tips – Ireland 2022

mortgage brokers

Working with the right mortgage brokers can make a huge difference, on an average sized mortgage the cost can vary by over €111,000 depending on the deal your broker recommends (Loan of €240,000, 90% LTV, over 35 Years). 

In this article we give you the rundown on what to look for to pick the best mortgage brokers. 

As someone who ran one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the country at PTSB, I was always surprised that only around half of applications were assisted by brokers. In the UK almost 80% of all mortgages applicants work with mortgage brokers.

Using mortgage brokers to help with your mortgage has many advantages, independent advice, wider choice of rate and having an expert with you every step of the way.

A mortgage broker though can come in many shapes and sizes. Some are tied to just a few lenders, some charge for advice, some don’t stay with you on the home buying journey. 

The mortgage brokers you choose can make a real difference to your finances, your home buying journey and your stress levels. That’s why we have covered the ins and outs of choosing the best mortgage brokers for you below, helping you make the right decision.

  1. Overview, mortgage brokers
  2. Service key features, mortgage brokers
  3. Alternatives, mortgage brokers
  4. In a nutshell, mortgage brokers

We recommend moneysherpa’s own in-house mortgage broker team, the mortgage sherpas, as the best way to get a mortgage. They are free, independent, comprehensive, with a best rate lifetime guarantee and the best online enabled service.

You can get more information about broker options locally here.

Read on to get the lowdown as to what separates a great mortgage broker, from a good one.

mortgage brokers

Overview, mortgage brokers

Working with the right broker can make a huge difference, according to the property price register the average house in Ireland is going for €272,000 (data as of March 2021 [1]), a typical 90% mortgage is therefore over €240,000. 

The average cost of a mortgage in Ireland over a term of 35 years can be anywhere between €371,800 with Avant Money upto €483,304 with Bank of Ireland, a difference of over €111,000

There are 5 key things to look out for when picking mortgage brokers, they are

  1. Are they free to use? Mortgage Brokers get paid by the lender on completion of the mortgage, so shouldn’t need to charge you additional fees.
  2. Do they use the best online tools to take the pain out of the paperwork? Do they offer online upload and e signature.
  3. Are they comprehensive? Do they work with all the main banks and four broker exclusive lenders including Avant Money and ICS who currently have the best rates on the market.
  4. Do they offer support after your mortgage is completed? Rates are always changing does the broker monitor the market for better rates you can switch to.
  5. Do they offer the best service? Do they have a dedicated QFA mobile number, direct video diary access, ongoing support ?  

Not all brokers are experienced, independent or have a comprehensive range of lenders, but there are plenty of brokers that are up to snuff. 

Key service features, mortgage brokers

1. Free to Use, mortgage brokers

There is no difference in rate between going directly to your bank or via a broker. This is because brokers are paid by the lenders out of the fees that the lenders would otherwise splurge on marketing. 

This means that going with a broker who doesn’t charge any application fees is 100% free to you. Sounds almost too good to be true, but that’s just the way the broker model works in Ireland. 

Although all mortgage brokers receive a commission from the lenders, most of the larger brokers also charge the client directly, with typical fees ranging from €100-€500. 

This is to help cover the cost of processing the mortgage with the lenders, which can be costly and time consuming for the broker. WIth paper shuttling back and forth between the broker and the bank.

In contrast the some newer brokers have invested in advanced technology platforms to lower the cost of processing the mortgage, so they don’t have to pass on this cost to customers. They are therefore paid fully out of the 1% commission received from the lender.

2. Online Tools, mortgage brokers

Getting a mortgage still requires a lot of paperwork.

In order to protect you in making such a financial commitment there are multiple documents required to be read and signed.

In order to protect the financial system there are ID documents, bank statements etc.. also required.

The right technology can take a lot of the pain out of this paperwork. Look for mortgage brokers with an online upload capability so you can organise your documents easily. A good one will also give you a dashboard so you always know where you are on the journey to getting the mortgage.

Another big help is if you can find a broker who uses e signature. This saves all the bother of printing and scanning or even worse posting documents. Many brokers are now able to complete the whole mortgage journey online.

3. Comprehensive, mortgage brokers

There are four banks and three broker exclusive lenders that offer mortgages currently in Ireland. Most brokers offer three or four lenders on their panel.

Many of the smaller brokers are tied to just one lender and are not able to advise on alternatives. This can make a big difference as not only do lenders have different rates, but also very different lending policies.

ICS for example let public sector workers borrow more than those employed in other sectors, whilst some lenders are more flexible than others in extending credit to some applicants or don’t offer loans for self build etc..

By having an independent broker in your camp they can not only find you the best rate, but also make an experienced assessment of which lender is most likely to approve your application. 

For an average mortgage, Bank of Ireland’s lowest mortgage rate of 3.7% APRC costs €57,000 more than Avant Money’s equivalent rate. There are in fact over 20 deals from the other lenders that are better value.

4. Post Mortgage Support , mortgage brokers

Mortgage rates are changing all the time, what may be a great rate one year might not be the year after. Staying on the best rate throughout your mortgage term can save you thousands. So once you have your mortgage how do you make sure you are still on the best rate?

Make sure the broker you choose monitors the market for you after they get your mortgage. A good broker will get in touch with you automatically if there is a deal that would save you money and switch you to that deal. This guarantees you stay on the best rate all the time.

By choosing the right broker you effectively get “mortgage rate insurance”, a guarantee that as rates change in the market you will know what they mean for you and have help to switch if the new deal saves you money.

5. Best service, mortgage brokers

Using a broker beats going direct to a bank hands down, you gain from years of experience working with different lenders and they can scan the whole market on your behalf. 

Make sure though that your mortgage brokers are all Qualified Financial Advisors (QFA), authorised by the Central Bank, with at least a few years of experience. 

You should also get a dedicated mobile number to contact, plus the option to contact via video calls with flexible hours.

This makes everything more reliable, faster and easier than the approaches used by other brokers and banks.   

Alternatives, mortgage brokers

Go direct to the banks

Obviously you can always go to a bank directly for a mortgage, the biggest advantage of this option is they may already have access to your transaction history so you don’t have to dig out your bank statements. 

With open banking even this advantage has recently disappeared, based on new legislation to help make banking more competitive, moneysherpa and some of the other larger brokers can now access your bank transactions on your behalf if you choose.

The downside of going with your bank is you are practically guaranteed that you will pay thousands more than you need to for a worse level of service than via a broker.

Go to your local mortgage brokers

If you want the help of a broker, but want to sit down face to face rather than over a video call then going through a local mortgage broker is an option. 

As local brokers tend to be smaller though they usually don’t have as many lenders to choose from or as much pull with the lenders. Unless they charge additional fees or are missing the leading lenders from their portfolio, they will usually have access to the same rates as the bigger brokers. 

Obviously though they won’t have the same rate guarantees or technology tools as the new wave of brokers like moneysherpa.

Go to another online broker

There are a number of nationwide brokers in the market who could also be an option. These usually have the advantage of being independent and having a good selection of lenders available. Some also have online tools to help ease the process.

The big drawbacks are they aren’t usually free to use, charging between €100 and €500 a pop and they don’t offer the lifetime best rate guarantee available with moneysherpa.

Daragh Head Shot

Daire McConnon (QFA), mortgage sherpa team lead

In a nutshell, mortgage brokers

Using a mortgage broker has many advantages, independent advice, wider choice of rate and having an expert with you every step of the way.

Working with the right broker can make a huge difference, with the cost of the mortgage over 35 years varying by over €111,000 depending on the deal your broker recommends. 

moneysherpa’s in house mortgage broker service, the mortgage sherpas, is the best way to get a mortgage. Free, Independent, Comprehensive, with a lifetime best rate guarantee and best online enabled service. 

The two things that make the mortgage sherpa offering really stand out from the crowd however are:-

  • The lifetime best rate guarantee. You will always get the same deal as if you went direct and your mortgage deal is constantly monitored to switch you to the best possible rate for the lifetime of your mortgage.
  • The easy to use digitally enabled service. The sherpa fills in the paperwork for you on a videocall and you simply digitally upload all your documents and signatures. Making the process a whole lot easier and faster.

Next Steps

If you want to see what you could save by calculating your repayments and see all mortgage provider rates you can click here.

If you want to know more about longer term fixed rates, you can check out our deep dive best fixed rate mortgage piece here or how fixed versus variable compares here.

If you want to know more about switching you can click here. Or you can check out our handy switching mortgage guide here and our remortgaging guide here. If you still have questions check out our switching Q&A here.

If you are thinking of freeing up some extra cash from your home, take a look at our mortgage top up tips here or if you are over 55 our equity release rundown here.

If you want to get your savings started right now, set up a free no obligation video call with a mortgage sherpa here, covering not only the best rate, but also helping choose the lender most likely to approve you and helping take the pain out of the paperwork.

You can book a free, no obligation video chat with the mortgage sherpa team here.

You can get more information about broker options locally here.

The Ultimate remortgage and switch mortgage smart Q&A, Ireland 2022

switch mortgage ireland
switch mortgage ireland

How to switch mortgage provider?

The simplest way to switch mortgage is to speak to a mortgage broker. Brokers fees are usually paid for by the lenders and many have exclusive access to lenders with the best rates. Avant Money, ICS and Finance Ireland have the lowest rates and are only available via brokers. 

What is mortgage switching?

Mortgage switching is taking out a new mortgage with a new lender, usually because the new lenders interest rate is lower and using that mortgage to pay off the old mortgage. The average saving on switching in Ireland is over €20,000, leading to increased numbers of switchers.

How much does it cost to switch mortgage providers?

It costs around €1,400 to switch mortgage if you do it right. 

  1. A solicitor gathers the right paperwork and checks the terms of the new loan. The fees usually come in between €1,200 to €1,600 including VAT. 
  1. An estate agent values your home. So the bank can put you on the right rate and usually comes in at €150 excluding VAT.

How much are the legal fees to switch mortgage?

Legal fees to switch mortgage usually come in from €1,000 to €1,500. The solicitor has to request the deeds from your old bank and then handles the paperwork with your new bank. They will also make sure you understand the terms of the new loan before you sign the new loan agreement. 

moneysherpa have a panel of recommended solicitors that will complete a switch for €1,200 all in including VAT.

Do I need a solicitor to change mortgage?

Yes, under law you need a solicitor to switch mortgage. The solicitor will transfer the deeds from your old lender to your new lender and to advise you on the terms of the new loan offer. Having a solicitor also gives you and your bank confidence in the paperwork. A mortgage broker will handle the solicitor for you.

How much to switch mortgage?

Average costs to switch mortgage are under €1,400 inc VAT to cover a solicitor and estate agent. If you shop around you should be able to find a mortgage broker who is fully paid for by the lender and will manage the solicitor and estate agent on your behalf. 

How long does it take to switch mortgage lenders?

It usually takes 6-12 weeks to switch mortgage lenders. Switching mortgage is pretty straightforward compared to buying a property first time round. 

First you need to pass your new lender’s credit check, this is usually pretty quick, as you already have evidence you are paying a mortgage with your old lender. 

Then you need to get a solicitor involved to handle the contract paperwork. Finally, a local estate agent selected by the new lender values the property. 

What is involved to switch mortgage provider?

There are 4 steps to switch mortgage provider.

  1. Find the best lender using an online calculator
  2. For credit approval you will need to prove who you say you are and provide evidence of your ability to repay the loan. To confirm you are on the right rate the new lender will also ask you to get your home professionally valued. 
  3. Now comes the legal bit, which is much simpler than when you buy. Your solicitor gets the paperwork sorted, checks you understand it and you sign. 
  4. Now for the money switch, drawdown. When all the boxes have been ticked your new lender will ask you to fill in a new direct debit to collect your repayments. 

How to switch mortgage provider? 

5 simple steps to switching your mortgage

Step 1 – Calculate your mortgage savings online

Step 2 – Find a mortgage broker fully paid for by the lenders 

Step 3 – Gather your paperwork, bank statements and salary certificates

Step 4 – Use your broker to manage the solicitor and estate agent

Step 5 – Enjoy your new mortgage savings every month

How easy is it to switch mortgage?

Using a mortgage broker can make the switch mortgage process very straightforward, they will handle all the paperwork for you. If you shop around you should be able to find a broker that is fully paid for by the lenders. Solicitors fees and Estate agent fees are also covered by some lenders. It takes 6-12 weeks to complete the switch from start to finish.

How do I switch mortgage lenders?

To switch mortgage or to remortgage you simply take out a new mortgage with a new lender and use that to pay off your old mortgage provider. Typically this is to avail of a lower mortgage rate with the new lender on the same mortgage amount or to increase the mortgage known as ‘topping up’ to release equity from your home. It makes sense to consult with a mortgage broker before switching.

How often can you switch your mortgage provider?

There’s no limit on how often you can switch your mortgage provider, even if you have received a cashback offer. 

If you are still in your fixed rate period you need to watch out for ‘breakage fees’. Under EU law the fee is capped in line with the cost to the lenders of providing the rate. This depends on the difference between the interest rate when you fixed and the interest when you switch. 

As a result, often there are no fees at all, but the only way to be sure is ask your bank what your fee would be.

How many times can you switch mortgage?

Under EU law there is no limit on how many times you can switch your mortgage. This also means that you can avail of multiple cashback offers. The best rates however are fixed rate mortgages which can have penalties if you switch within the fixed period. 

When can you switch mortgage?

You can switch mortgage for free if you are outside your fixed rate period, usually 3 or 5 years after you took out the loan. Even if you are in the fixed rate period you may be able to switch without penalty due to EU law. Ask your lender to calculate what ‘break out’ fee would apply in your particular case.  

Can you switch from a fixed rate mortgage?

You most certainly can switch from a fixed rate mortgage. A lot of people think this always incurs a fee, but due to an EU law banks can now only cover their costs with these fees. This means the fee the bank is allowed to charge depends on the difference between the rate when you fixed and the rate when you switch. You should ask your bank what fee would apply to you, more often than not it turns out there are no fees at all.

Can you switch mortgage if in negative equity?

If your loan is larger than the value of your property, switching can be tricky as the bank ‘backs’ the mortgage with the value of your house. It often makes sense to get an up to date valuation 

and then talk to an experienced mortgage broker about your options if you think you might be in negative equity.

How much will I save if I switch mortgage?

If you bought after 2008 you may be one of the 200,000 mortgage holders on rates of 4.2% APRC, meaning big savings if you switch mortgage. The average saving for these customers is around €20,000 over the duration of the mortgage. Even if you aren’t on a 4.2% rate, you will probably save thousands by switching. 

How does a mortgage calculator work?

The mortgage calculator uses the rate you can get. This usually depends on the size of the loan and the value of the property. A calculator selects the right rate for your particular loan to value and then applies this to work out the total cost of your repayments based on the length of mortgage you need.

How do you remortgage a house? 

To remortgage you take out a new mortgage with a new lender and use that to pay off your current lender. Usually to improve the rate or increase the mortgage amount. This known as mortgage switching in Ireland and remortgaging in the UK, but it is the same process. 

What is a remortgage?

A remortgage is a new mortgage on a property already with a mortgage. Usually that new mortgage is used to pay off the previous mortgage. Often the new mortgage is at a lower rate reducing the repayments and saving money for the mortgage holder. In Ireland this is often known as switching mortgage.

Why remortgage?

There are two main reasons why people remortgage or switch their mortgage.

  1. To reduce your repayments and save money. New customer rates in Ireland are almost half existing customer rates, so remortgaging can save mortgage holders significant amounts in interest payments
  2. To release equity tied up in your home. To allow investment or major purchases at mortgage interest rates which are lower than other types of loans.

Sources and next steps

You can calculate your own switching savings here or arrange a free no obligation consultation here.

You can read more about switching your mortgage and how much you could save here.

Information based on data from the CCPC, BPFI, CSO, MABS, Central Bank of Ireland.

Need mortgage help? Meet the sherpas

moneysherpa team

What is a mortgage sherpa?

Our team of mortgage sherpas will help you navigate your mortgage journey. Because we know mortgages inside out we can help you get the best deal from the lenders.


Ireland 2
moneysherpa rated Best in Ireland

You don’t have to take our word for it, we are rated the No 1 Mortgage Broker in Ireland by the comparison site Best in Ireland.

Our mortgage sherpas are experienced and fully qualified mortgage advisors, who have worked for all the major lenders so know the landscape inside out.

Best of all they are free to use. Our sherpas do all the hard work for the lenders, so they pay us direct when you receive your loan.

We work with all the major lenders, so can give you independent advice and you get exactly the same rate from lenders as you would if you went direct. Win Win.

Our sherpa’s will handle the mortgage application for you, taking the pain out of the paperwork. We have even partnered with expert property solicitors to offer the best conveyancing prices exclusively to moneysherpa customers. 

Plus, we are the only provider offering rate insurance for free, monitoring the whole market and letting you know when there is a better deal out there. So you don’t pay a single cent more than you have to.

To get started on your journey, read on.

LMC 9672

Want to bag yourself a sherpa? – Here’s how.

You can schedule a free, no obligation video call with one of our sherpas here. 

If you prefer you can also use our on line tools below to get started on your own. Once you are on your way, our sherpas will guide you through the assessment, offer and drawdown journey. Ending with your new mortgage


1. Apply

Schedule your video call at a time that suits you here.

2. Assess

Our moneysherpa mortgage team will then run the numbers and help you pick the best deal.

3. Offer

We will then handle the full application for you and if all looks good, we will email you a loan offer.

4. Draw down

If you are happy with your new deal, we get your new mortgage up and running.

You have your new home and mortgage. The lender pays us directly and we can bask in the warm glow of another happy homeowner.

Plus, with our free rate insurance offering we will monitor the market for you and if a deal comes up that will save you money, help you switch again. 

Our sherpa’s are the gift that keeps on giving, why not schedule a free mortgage check up call right now!

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