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Mortgage Switch Calculator Ireland

Our mortgage switcher calculator Ireland checks all 290 market rates to find you the best deal. Calculate how much you can save switching mortgage or remortgaging below.

mortgage switching calculator

How the mortgage switcher calculator works

Calculated remortgage repayments are based on your mortgage switcher requirements using the annual percent rate charged, this includes the full cost of the mortgage switch or remortgage and is the most accurate way to compare mortgage rates when switching across the full term.

The mortgage switcher calculator or remortgage calculator results therefore will vary on a monthly basis, in the early months you may actually save more per month.

You should use the APRC rate to check the average rate for your mortgage switch or remortgage calculation and compare against others according to the CCPC.

How much will I repay – mortgage switcher calculator Ireland

The mortgage switcher calculator or remortgage calculator shows how much you will pay each month for each product on the market. It only shows the products at your loan to value based on the ratio of the home value to the mortgage value.

In a nutshell – mortgage switcher calculator Ireland

With just 4 clicks the mortgage switcher calculator or remortgage calculator scans the market for the latest offers and calculates exactly what you will repay for each deal. If you want to apply online you can then select an offer and book a free mortgage call to get you started. Simple as that!

You can also use our other mortgage tools to help you get mortgage ready.

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