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Want to get straight to the juicy stuff? Here is the Sherpa’s selection of the essential articles to get you up to speed on all things mortgage. 

If you are thinking about switching mortgage you should start with our switching mortgage Ireland guides which not only cover how much you could save, but also how exactly you can save it. 

If you are a first time buyer or mover then our buying a house guides cover stamp duty, help to buy, legal fees and the house buying process.

If you are really looking to maximise your savings our mortgage rate Ireland guides have all the answers for the best fixed and variable rates.

If you are looking to compare mortgages and decide which one is best for you should use our mortgage comparison Ireland guides, which break down all the rates in the market and how they compare against each other.

If you are looking for a mortgage broker we have recommendations for the best mortgage brokers in Ireland here.

Finally if you want to know how you can apply for a mortgage and what documents you might need, you can find that here.

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best mortgage rate

Best mortgage rate Ireland 2022

We’ve spent hours crunching all the mortgage rate numbers to come up with the best mortgage rate Ireland 2022 for you. The mortgage rate you
mortgage broker navan

Best Mortgage Broker Navan 2022

Finding the best mortgage broker Navan for you is essential, as it can potentially save you thousands.  Here at moneysherpa, we strongly believe that a
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Switching mortgage Ireland 2022? How to guarantee great savings

Switching mortgage Ireland 2022. Switching will save €25,000 for 1 in 5 Irish mortgage holders, more than any of their European neighbours. Yet despite new regulation and new platforms making switching easy, mortgage switching in Ireland is still half of what it should be.
mortgage broker cork

Best Mortgage Broker Cork

Working with the right broker can make a huge difference, the average cost of a mortgage in Cork varies by over €111,000 based on the broker you choose.
financial advisor ireland

Our Mortgage Document Checklist

Our online application tool will tip you off as to exactly what docs you need to upload for your particular application. The lenders need these
Buy or Rent

Buy or Rent? Increasing Gap Between Buyers & Renters

Analysis based on numbers just released by DAFT.ie last month shows a growing financial gap between buyers and renters.  This gap is now higher than ever with rent over 30 years now costing up to €297,000 more than a 30 year mortgage for the same property.
mortgage broker Dundalk

Best Mortgage Broker Dundalk 2022

The best mortgage broker Dundalk is based in Dundalk, but also provides mortgages right across the country. Choosing the right mortgage could potentially save you

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